About Us

We are one of fresh fruit and vegetable exporter who has exported fresh fruits to many countries and both the quantities and varieties are increasing stably. Our idea will deliver the following customer benefic:
  • + Fruit is committed to be fresh to your hand
  • + Meet safety standard and Certification ( Global GAP, Viet GAP )
  • + Stable source
We believe that our fruit could meet the high quality requirement given for your market strength, values and customer base.

We proud of

Dragon Fruit ( Pitahaya )
- Dragon fruit is the commonly name, this fruit also can be called “ Pitahaya/Pitaya”. In Vietnam, these fruit are grown in the South, but the most famous place is Binh Thuan.
- Nice appearance, taste like kiwi, melon
- Packing: 6 pcs in Carton 2kg, 8/9/10 pcs in Carton 3kgs/4kgs
- Season: whole year.
- Rambutan grow well in the South of Vietnam, especially in Mekong Delta, Dong Nai provinces.
- Hairy outer skin, Fruit related with longan, lychee.
- Packing: 50-60 pcs in Carton 2kgs
- Season: whole year.
Passion fruit
- Passion fruit is grown in the mountainous place in Vietnam: Lam Dong, Dak Nong provinces.
- The fruit is round to oval, juicy with seed inside. And fruit is both eaten and juiced.
- Packing: 18-25 pcs in carton 2kgs
- Season: whole year.

Our Certificate

Global Gap one of the standard we proud of. This is also our strategy to meet the customer satisfy.
Varities in product and flexible in packing also one of the target that we have to supply for the customer.
Good partner in Logistic, transportation help us to deliver well to you.